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How I Saw All of Utah, Y’all
by Rick Vanderpool

Photographer Rick Vanderpool left Commerce, Texas on Saturday, June 15th, 2002, and arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming 15 hours later. He visited all 23 counties in that state over the next three days – including a side-trip to Rich County, in northeastern Utah. He kept track of all that he saw and more in his Coffee-Ring Journal.

Then, commissioned by Southern Utah Publishing in Kanab, Utah, Vanderpool made a four-day beeline through the remaining 28 counties in the Beehive State, for which he has issued the following apology to the folks at Utah Tourism:

“While I admit that it may not be the ideal way to see this awesome part of the country, it certainly is one way to see it. Besides, someone had to see it that way – for StateArt (www.stateart.net), that is – and I’m sorry, but that very fortunate someone just happened to be me…”

Okay, so that is somewhat different, as apologies go. But if you think that’s different, you would never have guessed Vanderpool’s main subject, captured on a few dozen rolls of film and several journal pages (to be published soon), during four days and 1,800 miles in the state. He photographed Utah. (Yes, a few of our grand vistas and breath-taking scenics, like all visitors shoot, but mostly the word – our favorite four-letter one.)

And here are a few of those images to show, as the photographer puts it, “how I pictured Utah…”

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