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The Story Behind State Art

Once upon a time, mid-1994 to be precise, a photographer in Texas decided to travel to every county in his big ol' state and photograph the word “Texas,” wherever he could find it. A little over five years, over 400 rolls of film and well over 20,500 miles later, that photographer had visited all 254 Texas counties and amassed a unique collection of roughly 1,000 images of his subject – plus several thousand shots of anything else that piqued his interest. It was grueling, but fun, though not everyone understood why the photographer would want to do something like that…

As he was covering all those miles, he kept notes, spread word of his unique project far and wide, and even convinced a few other photographers across the country to do the very same thing in their own states – all 50 of them. Thus State Art was born. And most the photographers, including the Texas one, are still at it – and this site is still very much a work in progress... Please keep in touch!

Photographer for State Art | Texas