Pick A State


Chris Landis

State Art Photographer Chris Landis is uniquely qualified for the State Art Project. “I am the only State Art photographer who was born in a place with 2 state names” explains Landis, who was born, raised, and still resides in Wyoming, Michigan. Landis has roots in the West Michigan area. Both his father and brother are Wyoming firefighters, and his grandfather owned a small chain of pet stores in the Grand Rapids area. Besides his involvement with the State Art Project, Landis owns two other companies, all providing services in the photography, graphic design and printing industry. All three companies share an office in downtown Grand Rapids.

As a kid growing up in West Michigan, Landis and his family often vacationed in Michigan. “Our family budget would never allow us to go to Disneyland or Las Vegas for vacation” remembers Landis. “Instead, we spent our vacations camping in Michigan’s state parks or touring the copper mines in the upper peninsula”. Landis also spent a lot of time in the Newaygo area, where both sets of his grandparents have cottages. “With all the beaches and lighthouses and beautiful state parks we have, why would you go anywhere else for vacation? We have everything right here in Michigan – skiing, boating, mountains, golfing – anything you could want for recreation.”