Pick A State


Ann Christian

I was born and raised in Missouri and love the state. I attended the University of Missouri. I live in Columbia, with my husband Jerry. I have a married daughter and became a grandmother in October 2003 when my grand daughter was born. My son is a second year college student here at Mizzou.

I am a self-taught photographer and in 1993 I opened a child and family portrait studio in my home. I was contacted in early 2000 by Rick Vanderpool regarding his idea for the State Art project. It seemed like a very interesting endeavor and I signed on. I enjoy traveling and viewed the project as an adventure in learning more about my home state. I finished touring the state in November of 200l having visited each of the 114 counties over a two year period. Along the way I took photographs of anything that caught my eye and appealed to my photographic sense.

A number of my photographs have been published in two books by the Missouri Press; "Images of Kansas City" in 1996 and "Images of Missouri" in 2003. I am now a "stay at home grandmother" providing child care for Emma Lea.